8 Reasons Why You Should Date a Traveler

As travelers they were popped out into this big wide world with an intuitive urge to question every norm that life throws our way. In a world where society’s expectations and definition of “success” encourage us to secure a well paid job, get married, have kids and eventually own a piece of wood on some grass – setting off on a spontaneous, self improving, around the world adventure can at times, force us to ask ourselves the question “is it finally time to settle down?”. But most travelers dont settle down. Is it good? is it not good? The point of this writing is to make those who are looking for a date, to see and realize that dating a traveler is actually a good idea. (or not?)

So here are the list of 8 reasons why you should date a traveler:


1. Travelers appreciate every little details

When they travel, even a tiny details in a tourism spot would attract them. How streams flow on a river, how bright is the sunrise light, or perhaps how local cuisines are served will make them interested. When you friend with a traveler and they ask you on a date to somewhere special, buckle up, that place is definitely special.

2. They are independent

You will date a free spirit when you date a traveler. They are free as bird wherever they go whenever they pleased. Traveling has thought them various thing, more than those of non-traveler might have experienced. Freedom is in them, explore the adventure from the earliest second you date them!

3. Travelers are grateful

Traveling let them appreciate the world they live. In some points they really appreciate family and friends, a hearty meal, a roof over their heads and other little things that have been around them. When they travel, most of these things they appreciate might some time difficult to meet so they are really appreciative. Date them and they will feel grateful having you :p

4. Date them and you will never be short on friends!

Travelers are confident, tolerant, and adaptable. They have been to various cities, villages, might even been in various body language expression in order to just communicate. They turn strangers who they just meet into a travel companions. As they are easy to make friends, they have friends just everywhere!


5. Travelers are a good financial planner

Their travel experience developed a great skill to manage their own finance. Budgeting can go wrong sometimes, you never know, and these traveling people know exactly how to survive and alter plans according to their current budget situation. With tight budget and lots of activities to do, they are likely good with budget. Even understand how to generate some bucks along the trip!

6. Travelers are likely to be very smart

Traveling will teach you various things, and traveler knows it best. When they travel, they observe, they listen to locals and they walk away with great insight, knowledge and experience. Dating a traveler can ensure you that you are dating someone smart, someone you can talk to with brains and someone you can actually get into a deep and meaningful conversation with.


7. Traveler dont need expensive items to feel special

Usually travellers believe that Money and material possessions are merely a vehicle for happiness –  A Guitar brings us music, a Bracelet represents a friendship,  a House provides us with warmth and shelter and Money buys us a plane ticket to new lessons and conquered challenges.

8. Travelers love having fun

Well, who doesnt? But when you date a traveler, there are lots of positive things and experience to share with. One time they can be very serious when they plan the trip carefully, getting all geeky with SEO of their blog, then all of sudden they might just tell you one funny experience they have on some other places. Going to somewhere ordinary might just turn to extraordinary experience with them!

Do you have your own opinion on why should you date a traveler? or perhaps the opposite thought that we actually should not have been dating a traveler? Post your thought in our facebook Brother and Travelhood fanpage or comment on this blog page.

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