8 Spots to Witness Magnificent Sunrise / Sunset in Yogyakarta

There is something magical in the process of sunset and sunrise. Before science develeps as it is now, tales and various stories were told by our ancestors about where the sun might have gone. Not only that, the beautiful colors hung in the sky would amaze anyone. We bet each one of you at one time ever trying to capture its beauty through lens or your phone.

Well, in this article, Brother and Travelhood will tips you on the places in Yogyakarta which are perfect for watching the sunrise and the sunset. Where are these places? Prepare your camera and your bags, departing is now!


Suroloyo Peak, Sunrise.

Trekking to almost 300 steps to the summit of Suroloyo Peak. Worry not, your effort will pay off with the magnificent sunrise coming out from behind the horizon. Mount Merapi and Merbabu dashing loomed in the distance, silhouetted againts the beautiful enchantment.

Suroloyo peak located in Menoreh Mountains, Kulon Progo. From the highest viewing post at 1,019 meters above sea level, you can see the four peaks of Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing and Sindoro. Borobudur sometimes shrouded in fog from a distance.

Borobudur Temple, Sunrise.

The gorgeous sunrise scenery from the top of Borobudur Temple. Borobudur is Buddhist temple which built by Sailendra Dynasty of Mataram Kingdom in the 9th century. Enlisted as the world’s largest Buddhist archaeological site in the Guinness Book of World Records you definitely don’t want to miss it. There is no better time to appreciate the magnificent Borobudur temple and the nature that surrounds it than in the morning, when you can savor its beauty in tranquility.

Punthuk Setumbu, Sunrise.

Not far from Borobudur complex, there is this peak that is well known as the pearl to dawn hunters. Call it Setumbu Hill. Similar to Puncak Suroloyo, here you will be trekking first to the summit to witness the magical sunrise with silhouet of Borobudur Temple as the background.

Mount Merapi, Sunrise

Known for its fierce and powerful eruption back in 2010 , this graceful mountain offer one of the best sunrise spot in Yogyakarta. The Merapi trekking path is considered quite steep and challenging, but once you conquer its summit, the beauty of scenery peak makes you lazy to trek down!

Ngelanggeran Ancient Volcano, Sunset

While you can capture sunrise from Suroloyo Peak, at the other side of Kulon Progo there is also a spot to capture its pair, the enormous sunset. This Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano have viewing point where you can see endless blue sky touches the hill as well as lush wild vegetations on the outback with Waduk Sermo (a huge reservoir) fitting in the picture perfectly.

Ratu Boko, Sunset

Even though it is called a temple, it is actually a palace immortalized in the legend of Rara Jonggrang. The magnificent entrance to the palace is well preserved an gives an idea of its grandeur. The view from the top is quite stunning. The complex is rather smaller than the other temple nearby, Prambanan, but it has a real nice walk. Especially climbing up to the hill where you could see the whole complex, making the sunset even more beautiful.

Despite the lack of astonishing reliefs, grand architecture (beyond the entrance gates), Ratu Boko leaves one with a feeling of loneliness and solitude which is nonetheless beautiful, even exhilarating, as the scenery is quite great and the setting sun splashes the tumbled ancient stones with its yellow-orange light. Get yourself a corner of Ratu Boko and it can be a relaxing opportunity for contemplation.

Kalibiru, Sunset

Never leave Yogyakarta before visiting this place. Kalibiru provides 3 great things: breathtaking view of Menoreh Hills and Waduk Sermo from heights, long but exciting queuing for the photo spots, and exciting journey to reach the destination, especially when riding the steep road uphill. It is located on a plateau and surrounded by many hills. When sunset time arrives, these hills transform into magnificent silhouettes.

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