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The round-trip between Yogyakarta and Semarang, for some people, is considered to be just a routine that perhaps boring. Semarang is a city located in the northern coast of Java that is super-hot during the daylight. But you can get some tasty foods on the evening. For someone who does not enjoy the journey between one place to another, this trip might be complainable. Hot temperature, humid, bad traffic with trucks and buses and so forth.

But for me, traveling between Yogyakarta and Semarang, or vice versa, is not only beautiful but also dynamic and interesting. If you depart from Semarang to Yogyakarta by noon or maybe late afternoon, take toll gate of Krapyak toward the Bawen gate with normal speed of approximately 30-40 minutes driving. You will be impressed with series of mountains on your right and the hills and valleys on your left. It’s admirable.

Following Bawen toll gate you will pass through the usual road of Ambarawa, a small town that also has an interesting history in the heroic patriotism. If you travelling at this point on a long weekend and the Eid season, certainly it might be a little dense. However in typical day, the traffic is quite normal in spite of weekend.


You could just stop in Rawa Pening, there is a floating restaurant Kampoeng Rawa but I chose to pass it. The journey continued, still with charming scenery. This time was the rice terraces. Although it wasn’t like ​​Jatiluwih, Balimbing or Tegalalang in Bali yet it pampered your eyes. A few steps ahead you would also find a coffee house Kopi Banaran and Kopi Eva which is quite legendary, but again I chose to skip.

Approximately 10 minutes after Kopi Eva, you would find the sign with resort name MesaStila on your left. Take down the road and in no time you would arrive at the resort.

We found colonial buildings that were really well maintained and very inspiring. Next we headed to the resort’s lobby and greeted by the hospitable staffs. Before lobby you would find coffee garden with purpose to replant various types of coffee.

We arrived at Java Red, one of MesaStila restaurants and we ordered the signature beverage, Kopi Tubruk and a plate of banana fritters. While waiting for the coffee being served, we strolled around the resort and looking for nice spots. This was my 3rd time of visit but still … there were just amazing! Good properties handled with care, absolutely perfect creation, everywhere I found only the green and beauty.

With the concept as health and retreat, MesaStila also resemble one corner as reflexology walk. There is also a jungle gym area for one’s cardiovascular endurance and core stability. What a creation!

In front of the club house there was an interesting view as below picture. I was speechless, absolutely gallery of nature!


Then it was time to return back to the restaurant, and sip a cup of traditional coffee that I ordered, and this is what it looks like:


You can imagine, sip a cup of coffee as Javanese said nyruput with the background of Mt. Sumbing Sindoro.


It was 5:40 pm already, approximately 2 hours we stopped at this resort and it’s time to continue the journey to Yogyakarta. Again we were treated by a view of red-orange tinge evening in a stretch of hills.

Following from MesaStila, if you have time could you stop in the contemporary museum OHD Museum in Magelang or reconvene in Borobudur or perhaps if you are someone who loves trail or adventuring, Selogriyo trekking with rice field terraces as view maybe perfect!

After passing the bridge of Tempel (already in Yogyakarta) I chose a left turn via Turi rather than passing through Jalan Magelang. Again, you can find snake fruit plantation or if you like culinary, there are also Nasi Warung Ijo Brongkos that is pretty legendary.

7:30 pm we arrived at the house. Exhausting but I really enjoyed that kind of trip!

See you in the next post Brother and Sister!

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