The Great 8 on the Magnificent Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau is a marshy plateau that forms the floor of a caldera complex on the Dieng Volcanic Complex near Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. Referred to as “Dieng” by Indonesians, it sits at 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) above sea level, far from major population centres. The name “Dieng” comes from Di Hyang which means “Abode of the Gods”.

Historical point: Part of General Sudirman’s guerrilla campaign during the Indonesian War of Independence took place in the area.

To add some more, the plateau offers a mixture of nature, heritage and tourism sites. There are some beautiful lakes, hills, breathtaking scenery, as well as refreshing tea and coffee plantations. Plus, being high up it’s very cool and refreshing. Interested already? We will guide you through each points that make Dieng Plateau worth visiting!

1. funfact: Dieng is the largest populated plateau after Tibet Plateau!

Some said that Dieng Plateau is considered as the second most populated plateau by human after Tibet Plateau. This thought is well deserved by Dieng Plateau as it is indeed dense population who stay and make a living on this small plateau.

Located 2,000 meter above sea level, Dieng Plateau populated mostly by farmer. Their ancestors transform the uninhabited area in the plateau into their “gold mining area” by planting potatoes, cabbage, carrots and other vegetables. Until now, Dieng Plateau become a place to live for its people and a place to enliven their economy.


2. the highest village of Java Island is located here: Desa Sembungan

Village of Sun, that is how people name it. The Desa Sembungan (Sembungan Village) is located 2,100 meters above sea level and in the cloud. Not that cloud server kind of thing, but literally above cloud. The little village is believed to be the oldest village in Dieng, and the first village to be inhabited, as well as a transit area of the pilgrims Hindus back in the old time that connects lowlands and Dieng Plateau.

Nowadays the village which once known only for its cold weather now getting warmer by lots of tourist smiles and the richness of its local wisdom. Each persons living in the village are very welcoming to everyone who want to witness golden sunrise from Sikunir Hill, a beautiful scene that they have always been witnessing since long ago.


3. The Prau’s Savannah

Prau is one of peaks in Dieng Plateau that is “only” 2,565 meters above sea level. The trekking route is light enough, allows beginners in trekking to experience the challenge to conquer peak and witness the great view from the top. On the weekend, base camp in Patak Banteng village (starting point for trekking) could be fully occupied by two wheels vehicles. Be well prepared before you start trekking, or get our staff to assist you!


4. Culinary: Mie Ongklok, Teh Sambi, Tempe Kemul

Even though noodles is originally from China, but it has spread and modified in accordance to local tastes. One of them is Mie Ongklok. Ongklok itself means a small woven bamboo basket which is used for noodles’ cooking process. Mie Ongklok typically uses shredded cabbage, chives, and sticky sweet broth called Loh. If you want to get spicier taste, just add some chopped chili in it. Mie Ongklok is best to enjoy from its original place, with cool climate and relatively peaceful place. Mie Ongklok can be served with beef satay and  tempe kemul (a kind of fritter tempeh) as those are optional.



5. Carica Fruit

This fruit only grow in a place with 2000 m above the sea level, quite unique! and you can find one in Dieng Plateau! This fruit is only seen in Dieng Plateau Area and Brazil. There is a story about this fruit, a carica seed which plant not in plateau will grow as a papaya, and if a papaya seed plant in Dieng Plateau will grown as a carica.

This fruit has a scientific name Carica pubescens or Carica candamarcensis, and known as “gandul Dieng” or Mountain Papaya. Carica only well grown in plateau with a low temperature and a lot of rain. That is a Dieng Plateau Area climate. This fruit is easy to grow and can be planted with another crops. This fruit also not a seasonal plant so this fruit not damage the land. This seed is an important material of carica syrup making. This carica also used as a sweet drink, a candy, jelly, and jam material, or as an addition in curry.


6. Beautiful Sets of Various Adventure Awaits you!

Dieng Plateau really offer a very complete adventure package! Adventures in Dieng could begin with exploring the beauty of the mountains there. Dieng is inseparable from the existence of the surrounding mountains are on a very beautiful scenery. Some of the mountains are Mount Prau (2,565 m), which is wellknown of its camping ground and savannah, Sikunir Mountains (2,463 m), the best spot to see the golden sunrise. Some of the tourism spot are as below:


7. last but not least: Dieng Culture Festival 2016

This year Dieng Culture Festival will be held from August 5-7, 2016. Being the main feature of the festival, the ceremony of shaving off the hair of dreadlock kids is truly exceptional. While globally dreadlock hair is commonly known as Rastafarian style from Jamaica, here in the highlands of Dieng, dreadlock, or matted hair is not a chosen style but rather a mystifying feature that only occurs in children

The festival is highlighted with the release of traditional lanterns, a leather puppet wayang  show, traditional art and cultural performances, and a fireworks fiesta. Adding sparkle to the festival will be a Dieng Film Festival and Jazz performances entitled Jazz above the Clouds. As every year, the pinnacle of the festival will be the ritual of trimming off of kids’ dreadlocks.

8. Get it All!

Now that you already read all the magnificent stuff going on Dieng Plateau, why wait?

Come down to Dieng and experience yourself! Explore the villages, the mountains, the lakes, the craters, and all together with the festival. Check through our package to browse our programs, or you can ask for your own program and let our professional Trip Designer tailor it for you!

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